Lovely Readers, It Is Time For More Fic Recs

This time, I'll be focusing on a narrow field, a pairing I promised one commenter a few posts ago. Yes, beloved readers, this is Kundry's Fic Recs: Harry Potter Femmeslash Edition. Follow me here for all your Hermione/Pansy needs.

As per my fanfic rec policies, all fics are complete unless otherwise noted. The format for this post is Story Title as URL - word count - Author's blurb. [main pairing] My thoughts on the fic.


Recommended Fics:

Cool Walls, Warm Thighs - 12k - Hermione isn't pleased to learn that Harry and Draco have a new house guest. There is just something about Pansy Parkinson that drives Hermione crazy. [HGPP] Not the greatest title, but a truly enjoyable solid fic! It has a subplot of Harry/Draco, which is always a bonus. It's post-Hogwarts and is an example of fics that nail the matured versions of these characters in fanficland. And it has great sexual tension.


The Potions Lesson - 5k - Hermione isn't as brilliant in potions as she expected. When Slughorn suggests Pansy tutor her, the unhappy girls have their first real conversation in six years. Warning for language, smoking, and discussions of teenage sexuality oh the horror! [HGPP] Another story by thusspakekate, this one flips the trope of Smart!Hermione and Dumb!Pansy and has a lovely verbal confrontation where they hash out all their assumptions (generally Hermione is the one making them, as is her character type, and Pansy is the one breaking them down, as is her character type in so much of the fandom I select) about each other. The dialog is sharp and snappy and believable, which when you're reading a pairing like HGPP, is really pleasurable. This isn't slash but you can easily wear your slashgoggles and imagine the sequel.

Insight - 5k - After a fight with Ron, Hermione runs into Pansy Parkinson, who, in some ways, seems to know Hermione better than her friends. [HGPP] This is a sweet little Hogwarts-era getting-together fic where Pansy helps Hermione with being in the closet. It's pretty sweet and saccharine but I think it's really sincere and idealistic so I'm including it on this list, even though I literally just found it (it's not one of my bookmarks or rereads).


A Lean and Hungry Look - 22k - Someone is trying to kill Pansy Parkinson. Can her former enemies put their own prejudice aside long enough to save her life? [HGPP] A post-Hogwarts mystery taking place mostly around the Leaky Cauldron. Well-written cast.

Paper Faces On Parade - 3k - Hide your face so the world will never find you. [HGPP] This is an interestng short fic in which you can imagine H and P - and the rest of the cast - cosplaying historical figures of the wizarding world. It reads like a cosplay fic within a fanfic, which is quite delicious.


Oblivion - 3.8k - Hermione just wants to get away from it all. [HGPP] Fun sort of meet-cute (I think I'm using that right - I don't actually know what that is) and a Hermione who can hold her booze. It's on AO3, so the quality is solid.

Firewhiskey, Drinking Games, and Resultant Revelations - 8k - Eighth years. That's what they are calling all of us who are back in this castle to masquerade as carefree students. We're all here pretending the last few years never happened. Some of us are trying to delude ourselves into thinking that everything is normal. We race between classes, pick on first years, laugh at exploded cauldrons in potions and murderous plants in herbology. Nothing to see here, nothing unusual at all. I wonder if any of us are fooling anyone, much less ourselves. [HGPP] This fic is background Hermione/Pansy and foreground Harry/Draco. I include it because I like dark angsty stuff where characters find what they need to soldier on, and this fic is consummately that type of stuff. Please note the warnings in the tags.


Purple -17k - Pansy has a sexy surprise for Hermione [HGPP] This fic is like the complete opposite of the one above. Complete opposite. It is another "everyone goes clubbing and practically fornicates in public" fics but the second part of it actually has a lovely backstory for how they got together. And if you're like me and you gratuitously love to read anything with lots of slash pairings, then this one has a Harry/Draco, Luna/Ginny, Blaise/Neville supporting cast to meet all your gratuitous slash needs.

A Normal, Healthy Relationship - 3k - Hermione tries to convince herself that her relationship with Pansy is flawed. [HGPP] You saw this on my last post of general Harry Potter fic recs, but it's one of my favorites of all-time. There's such a capturing of both their characters and the narrative structure is very refreshing. I can't recommend this story enough.


What Never Should've Been - 8k - After all that was said and done, after all the good fights and struggles people put up, the war was ultimately lost. [HGPP] This is a "the dark side won, Hermione surrenders to Pansy as her prisoner" flavored fic, and it has a happy ending. I liked it a lot. If you're a fan of the dark-side-won trope and the Hermione/Pansy pairing, this fic combines both for you very conveniently.

Recommended Fics Written by the Inimitable Inell:

Seriously, it's Inell. You don't need me to write anything. Just click and win. Inell is the best, youguise.


Show Me - ~1k - Pansy learns a lesson [HGPP] I think this was Inell's first Hermione/Pansy story. I include it because I include all of Inell's HGPP stories on my rec list, although my favorites are the Christmas one and the wedding one.

A Helping Hand - ~1k - Hermione does a spell that goes a bit wacky and Pansy lends a helping hand [HGPP] Gratuitous Hermione/Pansy porn! Enjoy! And it's a romance, as well! :)


Jealousy - 1k - Pansy is jealous [HGPP] A nice little Hogwarts-era ditty about the two girls clandestinely meeting. It's a popcorn piece but it has a fantastic ending.

L'Ile des Deuxieme Chances - 12k - It was meant to be a short holiday from a stressful situation. Instead of simply finding escape, though, Pansy ends up finding herself and learning that second chances are precious. [HGPP] Never one of my favorites, not sure why, maybe I just don't like tropical settings? Maybe I need to reread it? It's been years.


A Very Pansy Christmas - 700 - Pansy and Hermione decorate their Christmas tree [HGPP] I love this little one-shot. Seriously, what else do you need besides the author's blurb to want to read it?!

Weddings - 1.7k - Hermione loves weddings. [HGPP] I love this little one-shot as well! It's delicious!


Recommended Fics I Haven't Actually Read Yet:

Witches' Duel - 5k - [HGPP] Starts out as Transfiguration class partners, looks good though.


Absolute Gravity - 18k - [HGPP] Haven't read this yet but it looks well-written!

Darkest Light - 90k - [HGPP] No idea what this is but it's 90k words and complete, with a solid number of reviews. I'm bookmarking it here until I have time to investigate. Hey, tell me what you think.


Hell, here's the AO3 search results for complete Hermione/Pansy fics that are more than 1k words.

There are 64 results. Have fun. I don't have time to go through them all. I read Hermione/Pansy back before there was an AO3. #OldCred


Recommended fic that I can't find anymore:

It involved a calendar for charity, and Pansy as a photographer. Sounds wonky, I know, but it was a great read and I'd love to find it again.


Some Housekeeping from the Last Rec Post:

Here is Inell's complete Harry Potter fic archive. Part 1 is Hermione-centric and Part 2 is about Everybody Else. Thanks BF for finding what I'd thought lost!


IALT,S gave a well-deserved shout out to the C2 communities on ffn and I came across one that may interest some of you: It curates rare femmeslash pairings and upholds strict criteria for "high quality writing." Take that as you will. The C2 is called The Lovely Forgotten.

Finally: A Point of Discussion:

Is it femmeslash or femslash? Is there a non-academic difference? Does it matter? Why or why not?


Fuck it, who cares? Give me your Hermione-centric ladyslash recs!

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